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pumpkin seeds and sheep skin slippers

Posted on: 10.30.2012

it has been a cold nightmare around cincinnati lately. (we're talking snow flurries!) so to avoid rainy and dreary sadness outside, i pretty much hid indoors all day- where it's dry, warm and full of pumpkin seeds. cinnamon sugar ones, to be exact. (can i get a hell yeah for pumpkin seeds??!) i carved a jack o lantern, cleaned up the house and watched netflix... since i'm sure everyone is on pins and needles to see documented proof of these adventures, here's a few pics i snapped today. stay warm y'all!
these cake pops are from my mom's halloween party this past weekend. so cute, right?

life lately

Posted on: 10.24.2012

school is cool! ... i hope

it's been a pretty lame week around here. a lot of bill paying, grocery buying and class registering. i'm freaking out a little bit, to be honest with you.  this will be my 3rd time around trying to go to school and i pray daily that i make it this round. i went right out of high school, like most of us did. i only went because i knew that's what i was suppose to do. you're suppose to go to college. you're suppose to want a degree to get a better job and at 18, that was the farthest thing from my mind. so i quit. 5 months later, i tried again and quick within weeks. i ended up going to cosmetology school and doing really well (thank god!) i now have my license and, even though i love the hair world, i want to do something more on the business side of it. i want to do some sort of marketing for beauty products. i want a desk. i want a phone extension or maybe a business email. i start school in january AGAIN and here' to hoping i strive!! 

a day at the city flea!

Posted on: 10.21.2012

yesterday was sweetest day! (a silly midwestern holiday that is basically the other valentine's day that lands in October... you're welcome, hallmark!) but nevertheless, i wanted to go out and enjoy some of the day with my main man. we ended up going to the city flea market in northside. it was amazing. vendors from all over our area bring antiques, jewelry, hair bows, scarves and anything else out to sell. homemade everything (including the chai cupcakes. yum.) and the event wouldn't have been complete without the dj blasting music from up above us. a pretty sweet saturday!!

and this one goes out to fall foliage...

Posted on: 10.16.2012

i  mean honestly, is there any prettier time of year than fall? the air is crisp (and not miserably hot) the leaves are changing and every photograph turns out perfect. i love now. i feel like a goofball dragging jon along to pumpkin patches, hayrides and apple orchards (i mean, we don't have babies after all. so we just look like one of us is still a kid at heart... guilty!) but he's just gonna have to pick out his pumpkin, sit his butt on a prickly hay bail and get through it!! i'm hoping we make it out to one this weekend. in the meantime, i went to the park today for about an hour and took .... mmmm around 120 photos of pretty. i can't help it! those leaves...

here ye! here ye! we went to the renaissance festival!

Posted on: 10.14.2012

when it comes to having a good time, i'm a simple gal. give me a festival and funnel cake and i'll be skipping around for hours! yesterday, we had the most perfect day at the Ohio Renaissance festival, complete with tomato throwing, turkey leg eating & people watching. it was nice recapturing memories i had made there from when i was little. 
my dad use to take me to the festival and those will always be great memories that we had together. we would  always get a "dragon egg" at the end of the day (dragon eggs are geodes that they bust open in front of you, for anyone that has no idea what in the heck i am talking about!! i have pictures above)  and he use to always tell me in the car ride home "ya know, everyone standing around said that your dragon egg was the prettiest and best one they have ever seen" i don't know if anyone ever really said that or not, but it's a fond memory that my dad wanted to make me feel special. yesterday was awesome!! hope your weekend is going awesomely perfectly great, too!! 
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