yesterday i ended up going to the city flea market in northside. it was amazing. vendors from all over the area bring antiques, jewelry, hair bows, scarves and anything else out to sell. homemade everything (including the chai cupcakes. yum.) and the event wouldn't have been complete without the dj blasting music from up above us. a pretty sweet saturday!!




when it comes to having a good time, i'm a simple gal. give me a festival and funnel cake and i'll be skipping around for hours! yesterday, we had the most perfect day at the Ohio Renaissance festival, complete with tomato throwing, turkey leg eating & people watching. it was nice recapturing memories i had made there from when i was little. 
my dad use to take me to the festival and those will always be great memories that we had together. we would  always get a "dragon egg" at the end of the day (dragon eggs are geodes that they bust open in front of you, for anyone that has no idea what in the heck i am talking about!! i have pictures above)  and he use to always tell me in the car ride home "ya know, everyone standing around said that your dragon egg was the prettiest and best one they have ever seen" i don't know if anyone ever really said that or not, but it's a fond memory that my dad wanted to make me feel special. yesterday was awesome!! hope your weekend is going awesomely perfectly great, too!! 



this project feels like it took years to complete but i am obsessed with the final product. i found this nightstand at the thrift store for less than $5 and knew it had to come home with me. i've been looking for a new bedside table and thought this one would be perfect. it was painted with a horrible brown paint but jon said it could easily be stripped off.  (the poor guy didn't know what he was getting himself into) there were FOUR layers of paint under the brown and the final layer was a total bad ass, meaning it was completely unaffected by stripper, thinner and whatever else. so sanding it was! i knew i wanted it to have an old, reclaimed look and thank god for pinterest and all of its great advice!!  after sanding it down to a BEAUTIFUL wood grain, i beat the crap out of it with a bag of nails and screws. we then stained it, reattach those awesome legs and screwed in my adorable knew drawer knob. do you love?

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