. this weekend, i was lucky enough to be invited to go see a friend's band at the Whispering Beard Folk Festival. i had never heard of it before, but i'm so glad i went! just a field full of hippie musicians with so much soul in their music. i camped out with the band (in the most horrid heat known to man) and even got wrist bands to go backstage to help them set up and snap some photos. (the saying "i'm with the band" ran through my mind about ten times!) we danced along to the music until about 4 o clock this morning! my body is dead but i'm so glad we took this trip. always great to end the summer with one last music festival!!



ok, maybe it's not the 54th problem in my life, but it drives me nuts when this happens:
when i first started to try and be like my mom and look good wearing makeup but failed miserably because no one taught me blue eye shadow was wrong wear makeup, i would throw away containers if this sort of thing happened. whether they were dropped and cracked or just all used up, i didn't think there was a way to salvage them. then i found out that alcohol could solve my problem! rubbing alcohol, that is. not drinking alcohol (otherwise, i might end up wearing blue eyeshadow again)
all you will need: rubbing alcohol, a bobby pin (to mix) and a spoon (to smooth)
first, grind up the makeup so it's covering the bottom of the container
second, pour alcohol into container and mix/stir with bobby pin. it's going to be lumpy, bumpy and gross. that means you did it right. 
third, remove the bobby pins and let your makeup sit for a few hours so the alcohol has time to evaporate. after about 3 hours, take your spoon to the surface and smooth out the lumps. if possible, wait over night before using the makeup.
pretty simple, no? 




ok, so i must first start with a disclaimer
for anyone ever planning to do this yardsale thing:
 it is crucial that you be the most patient person known to man. someone that can walk while having to pee, with sweat running down your back and dust all over your feet just to look at someone else's trash/your potential treasures... for hours. doesn't sound like you? welp, then you are done for! it was crazy madness, i tell you! it took us 7 hours to get 2 hours down the highway... that's how many stops we are talking about here! every other driveway was just calling my name "jamieeeeee come to meeeee, i have trinketssss and junkkkkk that you'll loooove" 
these guys came home with us!! 
after a long day of looking, we had dinner and then realized HELLO! we had NO hotel reservations anywhere! i under estimated this event's popularity and there was nowhere available... so we spent $10 on a camping spot and slept in the car. this campground had a dinner theater going on when we arrived and it felt like something out of the twilight zone (the show was about aliens or something) ah, the stories we'll have forever. so, with an aching back and rain pouring down, we decided it was time to go home. 
i love home.
also, i found this old typewriter on our first day that i passed up buying... and thought about it all night long. so this morning, while driving back up the highway to go home, i stopped at the sale again to see if it was still there. it's now living in my house!
all in all, i'm happy we went. but happy to be home, showered and in my own bed now!

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