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just 3 photos from my week

Posted on: 8.31.2012

1. im still in love with this cake stand. i'm baking just to take photos of it.
2. a $5 art project hanging proudly in my kitchen
3. the photo i took for a friend and her pregnancy announcement

the cake stand that deserved some muffins.

Posted on: 8.28.2012

my new cake stand arrived in the mail this week and it makes visits to the kitchen so much more appealing.  it's a beauty, let me tell ya! something i've learned about myself is that when i buy a new candle for the coffee table, i clean the whole living room. if i buy a new pair of shoes, i clean out my entire closet. and the same goes for this cake stand- my kitchen counters got a good cleaning and i felt baking was necessary! so a box of muffin mix found its way into my grocery cart the very next day. 

give thanks sunday!!

Posted on: 8.26.2012

it's been a great week around here! lots to be thankful for.

1. running into someone from highschool that you weren't exactly... how do i say... making friendship bracelets with? and having a great conversation
2. showing up at jon's work with a bag of sour patch kids and making his day
3. meeting another person that picks through garbage, paints what they find and tacks it up on the wall i'm glad to meet more of the me's out there
4. being one of the first to know when a friend is expecting a baby...
and taking the announcement photos for them :)
5. my new, gorgeous, fresh out of the box milk glass jadeite cakestand
6. cleaning out my closet and knowing that my  things will make someone else's day
7. my faux fur rug in my closet. it's like walking on cats- though i would never! 
8. our address numbers spray painted proudly on our garbage cans-
in gold metallic paint no less
9. Meryl Streep. she's on my tv right now and is she NOT fantastic??
10. the continued hunt for a damn dining room table. 

Whispering Beard Folk Festival, y'all!

Posted on: 8.25.2012

as i've mentioned before (and before again), our friends have an amazing band called 
Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound. this weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited to go see them perform at the Whispering Beard Folk Festival. i had never heard of it before, but i'm so glad we went! just a field full of hippie musicians with so much soul in their music. we camped out with the band (in the most horrid heat known to man) and even got wrist bands to go backstage to help them set up and snap some photos. (the saying "i'm with the band" ran through my mind about ten times!) we danced along to the music until about 4 o clock this morning! my body is dead but i'm so glad we took this trip. always great to end the summer with one last music festival!!

girl problem #54

Posted on: 8.23.2012

ok, maybe it's not the 54th problem in my life, but it drives me nuts when this happens:
when i first started to try and be like my mom and look good wearing makeup but failed miserably because no one taught me blue eye shadow was wrong wear makeup, i would throw away containers if this sort of thing happened. whether they were dropped and cracked or just all used up, i didn't think there was a way to salvage them. then i found out that alcohol could solve my problem! rubbing alcohol, that is. not drinking alcohol (otherwise, i might end up wearing blue eyeshadow again)
all you will need: rubbing alcohol, a bobby pin (to mix) and a spoon (to smooth)
first, grind up the makeup so it's covering the bottom of the container
second, pour alcohol into container and mix/stir with bobby pin. it's going to be lumpy, bumpy and gross. that means you did it right. 
third, remove the bobby pins and let your makeup sit for a few hours so the alcohol has time to evaporate. after about 3 hours, take your spoon to the surface and smooth out the lumps. if possible, wait over night before using the makeup.
pretty simple, no? 

i love my northside

Posted on: 8.21.2012

while driving home from work tonight, i couldn't help but take a look around our northside streets and appreciate that we get to live here. it's cute, it's artsy, it's families, it's our home and i just love it. jon and i got to take a walk (it's finally cool enough out that it doesn't feel like death when you step outside) and snapped some pictures. enjoy!

baby butts in the bathtub

Posted on: 8.20.2012

this is Reid.
sometimes, we get to hang out with him.
sometimes, i take pictures of his naked butt. 
and sometimes, they have to pry him from me 
because i'm obsessed with him.

i love to read!!.... picture books?

Posted on: 8.17.2012

what's that? a fantastic thrift store find all for me? oh lovely! 50% off all books means.... MUST. SHOP. FOR BOOKS. coffee tables books, especially. i love having corky books laying around for people to check out. we already have some cool ones, like The World of ToysHandwriting of the Famous and Infamous and That Might Be Useful, a book on secondhand culture (my favorite kind of culture!) i got this book today for 50 friggin' cents! a $40 book made its way into my car for just 50 cents. hello, happiest day in all the land!
it's just a book full of photos and captions from people like you and me, taken in my beloved Cincinnati. my home sweet home from cover to cover. gorgeous shots, i might add. all of you cincinnati people- see if you can figure out where some of these were shot!! i took photos (of photos?) of a few favorites...

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