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just another summer sunday wedding

Posted on: 7.29.2012

today we went to one of the best weddings i've ever seen. so well thought out and perfectly executed! it was a friend of jon's that he had grown up with and it took place at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky. (she grew up with a love for horses!) it was some of the best cake, homemade decor and -without a doubt- the best bride and groom exit i have ever seen! 
Hanna threw the bouquet from the hot air balloon as it was taking off
and i caught it :) i think jon was thrilled...

from my bar cart to yours...

Posted on: 7.26.2012

from the second we signed the lease on this place, i knew i wanted a bar cart. i think they are one of the coolest pieces to make a room feel welcoming... unless you don't drink and in that case, buy a bookshelf! bar carts can say a lot about you. for example, ours says we have been to Rabbit Hash and that we have cats (there's fur everywhere) souvenirs shot glasses,  a coconut monkey piggy bank and bottles that i don't think i could ever throw away live on our bar cart. a friend of mine recently decided she wanted to have a bar cart in her apartment and it got me thinking about ours.  what do you buy? what all belongs on the cart? where do you get the cart in the first place?  sounded like a perfect post opportunity to me! here's just a quick guide on how to make a perfect bar cart for any party or to just have a place to store your booze!
1. the cart
finding the cart is a feat all in itself. shop flea markets, thrift stores and yardsales for a piece that you fall in love with.  i use to live in an itty bitty apartment and my cart (from Ikea) was originally used as my kitchen table. i was first worried it would be too big for a bar cart, but our liquor collection is growing all the time and now i think it's gorgeous!

2. the "core" liquors
over time, you'll be able to see which liquors you should buy more of and what is most popular in your house (ours are vodka & rum) but in order to be a great host and not have that awkward  moment "oh, we don't have any ________ how about something else?" keep a few of each on your new bar. 
there are 5 main liquors: vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey/bourbon and gin.
3. the mixers
you keep one or two of these on hand and you'll be a rockstar bartender in no time. also, if you want to just start filling up space and building your collection, buy one top shelf liquor bottle -like the ones shown above- they are the best quality and one well bottle. "well" is considered cheaper and lower quality, but still perfectly fine for a bar cart. i get a lot of my mixers (margarita mix, bloody mary mix, etc. from TJ Maxx. the bottles are pretty and cheap!) in addition to your 5 core liquors, you will need things to mix them with. including: agave nectar, grenadine, and lime juice (these can stay out all the time) and  fresh mint, bottles of tonic, club soda, pop and juices (refridgerate all of these once the bottle is open) 
4. glassware, pour spouts and everything else.
 i keep 4 tall glasses, 4 short glasses and 6 shot glasses on the bar at all times (all from TJ Maxx) and a stack of plastic cups in case things are gettin' really rowdy! pour spouts will make pouring liquor waaay easier. attach them to the tops of your bottles before using them to allow for easy pours without spilling. just make sure to wash them after use to avoid bugs. wine bottle openers, beer bottle openers, muddlers, stir sticks and straws are also good to have around. i keep all of mine in a big see through glass jar. i think they're pretty!
5. organization 
there is no right or wrong way to organize a bar cart. whether you keep your bottles up top, your mixers in the middle or your glasses tucked away, it's all up to you. i do suggest trying to organize your bottles next to those in the same family. it will make drinking life more easy and creates a flow for your bar. example: tequila and triple sec are both used to making margaritas, so keep those bottles together. same goes for your bloody mary mix next to your vodkas!
a few quick TIPS:
-keep towels/papertowels around your cart
-buy a "drink mixing" book (ours is from urban outfitters) and keep it on your cart
-muddle your own mint and impress everyone around you
-keep glasses mouth down to avoid them getting dusty inside
-recycle your bottlles. they are gorgeous (and cost you a pretty penny)
-make it your own. make it corky and tacky and fabulous!
-keep a chalkboard near your bar and post your "drink specials" for your house
- keep track of your creations! Jon loves making his own "signature" drinks :)
-always remember... Liquor before beer, have no fear! Beer before liquor, you have never been sicker!

step over, Kim Kardashian. i get interviewed, too!

Posted on: 7.23.2012

a few days ago, i got a sweet little comment from Wendy over at Salt & Wine asking if she could interview me about our apartment. ummmm i couldn't even move my fingers fast enough to comment back to her...

if you'd care to read, head over to her blog to check it out!! thanks again, Wendy!
you are SUCH a doll!! 

Arlo McKinley and the Lonesome Sound... pt. 2

Posted on: 7.22.2012

i wrote a post back in march about my favorite local band, Arlo McKinley and the Lonesome Sound. i just love them and hope they go as far with their talent as they possible can. these guys have the best, most genuine sound to them and you can tell that they just have a raw passion for their music.  the lead singer of the group, Tim, is a friend of Jon's and we saw him out last night! he's so humble and almost unaware of just how talented he is, so after a few drinks, we talked him into come back to our apartment and give a private show to us and a few other friends. i was basically a puddle on the floor. so so good!  and what's funny is a few months ago, after i posted the entry on here about them, they happened to google their band  name and found my blog! isn't that hilarious?? (good thing i loved them and wrote good things!!) here's a video that jon recorded of Tim performing for us last night...
excuse the horrid quality and shakeyness! just close your eyes and enjoy!

people LOVE this song!!

I, along with 27,000,000 other people fell in love with Gotye's "Somebody that I use to Know"
so after i saw this video:
i was playing this song on a loop probably 15 times a day, blaring it and singing along. after playing the youtube video over and over i ventured into watching a few covers of it. now, a few months later, i have found some of the coolest and most original covers ever! i love youtube and its ability to throw people's talent out into the world. i especially love the young girl doing split shots and overlapping herself.
yay for talent! here's my favorites... 1. 

summer bucket list: go to the drive-in? check.

Posted on: 7.20.2012

last night was the first time in years that i have been the drive in movies! it has finally cooled off around here a little bit and the thunderstorms held off for us. we went to a double feature of Spiderman and the new Batman movie at midnight. both were really good but i could have sat through any movie, happily. i loved the drive in when i was little. my parents would take me and i would always find other kids to play with on the swingsets before the sun went down (only child problems) plus, i thought it was so cool that even after you drove off,  the radio station was still playing the credit music. luckily with having an SUV, there was plenty of lounge space for comfortable movie watching. so, with a few hundred pillows and $17 worth of sour patch kids and fountain soda, i'd say last night was ranked one of my better summer nights!

hello! hopeless romantic over here...

Posted on: 7.17.2012

tonight, i watched "Barefoot in the Park" for the first time and it was one of the best romances i have seen in a while. figures that it was made in the 1960's. movies, especially romances in my opinion, just aren't what they use to be. but at any rate, it was adorable! if you haven't seen it, check it out. very similar to Dharma & Greg  (if anyone remembers that show!) stuffy lawyer husband, fun adventurous wife and the obstacles that come from marrying someone different from you. classic. it got me thinking of all the other classic romances that i love to watch. stories that give you an escape from changing the litter box and scrubbing your bathtub. these actresses would never do those things! here's a few of my favorite romance movies ... except "the out of towners" that's just a great movie. 

life lately...

Posted on: 7.16.2012

according to my iphone pictures

...well at least our apartment is cute?

Posted on: 7.13.2012

today was a true test for myself; to see if it was at all possible to not smack all the bad people in the world. how's that to start an entry? i'll spare the details but just know that most days that start badly for me will end in a deep bleaching and cleaning of my house. i don't know why. maybe it's because on this day i felt the world was super ugly and dirty, so i could at least clean the crap out of my corner of it? i don't know. something like that.  this place hasn't had a good cleaning since before Jon's surprise party 2 weeks ago, so it was quite an accomplishment. even though the day started crummy, life is good and nothing was ruined that wasn't able to be fixed. after cleaning, i gave myself a little pat on the back, decided my hair needed to be washed and took a few pictures of our little homestead. enjoy!! 

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