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a surprise party for Jon!

Posted on: 6.30.2012

so i never wrote about it on here (it would be one of the few times that jon reads over my shoulder and saw it) but for the past TWO MONTHS i have been planning that guy a surprise birthday party!! 
it was a good idea in theory... though thinking of it two months before its actual occurance wasn't awesome. (i'm not much of a secret keeper... seriously, most of my christmas gifts are already known about and unwrapped by december 15th)  but nonetheless, i've been planning this thing for forever. my friends saints Jade and Andy were given keys to our apartment and grocery lists days prior and i was basically just relying on faith that things were taken care of for me. let me just say throwing a surprise party, as a perfectionist, was one of the scariest things i've ever done. i had to let go and just trust whatever the heck was going on at our apartment. i took him out to a fancy shmancy dinner and, between update texts about how many people were showing up, i tried to eat. the food was delicious, but i was just excited and anxious to get home. i hit what felt like every red light on the way, and recieved probably 7 "where the hell are you? we've been standing in the dark for 10 minutes!" texts. we arrived home and, based on his reaction face alone... the kid had no idea! it was awesome and that innitial reaction made all the stress worth it.
luckily, i'm already a picture-taking freak so it wasn't out of the ordinary to have the tripod set up when we left for dinner. thanks, jade for snapping the pics!
 jon's mom hooked me up with about 50 baby pictures that i hung up on the wall. awwww!

 my home is destroyed (in a good way) and i still don't want to think about it.

happy birthday, ya little party animal! 
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