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a surprise party for Jon!

Posted on: 6.30.2012

so i never wrote about it on here (it would be one of the few times that jon reads over my shoulder and saw it) but for the past TWO MONTHS i have been planning that guy a surprise birthday party!! 
it was a good idea in theory... though thinking of it two months before its actual occurance wasn't awesome. (i'm not much of a secret keeper... seriously, most of my christmas gifts are already known about and unwrapped by december 15th)  but nonetheless, i've been planning this thing for forever. my friends saints Jade and Andy were given keys to our apartment and grocery lists days prior and i was basically just relying on faith that things were taken care of for me. let me just say throwing a surprise party, as a perfectionist, was one of the scariest things i've ever done. i had to let go and just trust whatever the heck was going on at our apartment while i left with jon. i took him out to a fancy shmancy dinner and, between update texts about how many people were showing up, i tried to eat. the food was delicious, but i was just excited and anxious to get him home. i hit what felt like every red light on the way, and recieved probably 7 "where the hell are you? we've been standing in the dark for 10 minutes!" texts. we arrived home and, based on his reaction face alone... the kid had no idea! it was awesome and that innitial reaction made all the stress worth it.
nevermind this giant arm! i would have yelled at this guy.. 
but he let me borrow his ihome for the party so i let his stupid arm slide :)

luckily, i'm already a picture-taking freak so it wasn't out of the ordinary to have the tripod set up when we left for dinner. thanks, jade for snapping the pics!

my step dad made a creme brulee cheesecake... that nearly burned down the apartment. 24 candles!

 jon's mom hooked me up with about 50 baby pictures that i hung up on the wall. awwww!

 my home is destroyed (in a good way) and i still don't want to think about it.

happy birthday, my little party animal!! i love you to the moon and back. 

Liebster Award Nomination!

Posted on: 6.27.2012

Soooo, i have an ear to ear grin today! Naomi  from Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups nominating me for the Liebster Award!! Whatta doll!! 

here's the description of the award that i took off of her page:
The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 
Liebster, in German, means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people that you tag
3. choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. go to their page and tell them
5. no tag backs!

#1 (11 things about me)
1. i am left handed and hate it! fellow left handers know... lead pencil is the enemy!
2. i am an only child, but have 5 step sibs as of this past year
3. in highschool, i was a cheerleader as well as a drama kid (show choir, too!)
4. i was born in Cincinnati and have an Ohio tattoo on my wrist. Whaddup, 513?!?
5. i could watch How I Met Your Mother until my netflix gave out
6. i have my license in cosmetology, but am planning to go back to school... someday
7. i love numerical patterns on digital clocks, like 12:34pm & 3:14am
8. i don't think i have ever waited for the oven to fully preheat.
9. i brush my teeth in the shower
10. i talk to my self all. the time. (only child problems!)
11. I think Kristin Wiig is just adorable!

#2 (answer questions from Naomi)
1. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
i wish i had finished college the first time around. it's hard to get up the motivation to go back.
2. What does your perfect day consist of?
waking up around 10 am and having a perfect, effortless good hair and makeup day. without having to beg and plead, getting jon up, too. walking to the farmers market and taking pictures of everything the entire way there and everything on the way home. we cook together, maybe hit a flea market or garage sale and spend the rest of the day lounging around, doing apartment projects, seeing family and sleeping. maybe dinner and movie to top everything off. oh, and i would like to be in bed by 9!
3. Are you a dog or cat person? Or both? 
2 years ago, i would have said dog with no hesitation. but i've became quite fond of our cats. they are low maintenance and hilarious. whoever invented the litter box gets a round of applause from me!
4. Do you have a lucky number, and why?
i like the number 7. i have no idea why it's lucky to me, but anytime i have to play one of those "pick a number" things i always win with 7... well, i probably won't anymore!
5. What is one thing in your state that you haven't done, but would like to do?
you know the movie "A Christmas Story"? the one that plays on a 24 loop on Christmas day? the original house is in Cleveland and they do tours! i loved that movie!
6. If you could travel any one place in the world, where would it be?
Paris. the pictures of food would be priceless!
7. What book are you reading? Or one you've been meaning to read?
i'm thinking about joining the band wagon on this 50 shades of gray book. 
8. Do you feel like you were meant to be born in a different decade, or era? Why?
nah, i like this era. i like that i can buy 1920's inspired tops on my 21st century computer. 
9. Do you believe in love at first sight?
i believe in "dang, he's a hottie!" at first site. but no, not love. love takes knowing someone. 
10. Do you still possess a stuffed animal from your childhood?
no stuffed animals, but i still have the blanket from my first "big girl" bed. it's the softest, ugliest thing.
11. When was the last time you took a really nice, long walk? How was it?
i love taking long walks in Spring Grove cemetary. it's the most gorgeous cemetary you have ever seen and it's right down the street. people book years in advanced to get married there! it was nice, but a little too hott. august walks are the best! 

#3 (My questions)
1. how would you describe your decorating style?
2. if money were no object, what would be your dream job?
3. when was your last haircut?
4. what is your favorite beverage?
5. what is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
6. do you think opposites attract? why?
7. what "friends" character are you most similar to? 
8. if you could only listen to one song for the rest of the day, what song would it be?
9. do you drink your cereal milk that's left in the bottom of the bowl?
10. what is your favorite clothing store?
11. calling or texting? 

#4 (My nominations)

the smell of a baby head!

my dear friend Cassie from work has finally had her little nugget! his name is landon and he is perfect and gorgeous and about the same size as a sack of flower. (no really, when we walked up to the front door, i thought she was holding a stuffed animal!!) i was literally getting teary eyed holding this 12 day old little guy. it's just crazy when you think of what all the human body is capable of, isn't it? i mean, here lies this little guy just breathing and blinking and moving and grunting as we all just sit in awe of him. her pup was the most protective thing you have ever seen and it was so cute how he just kept creeping closer and closer to us holding him, almost saying "ok listen, it's cool if you hold him. but you better be damn careful with my little brother!" and oh my god, this little guy is just gorgeous. from the peach fuzz on his face to those big gerber baby lips, i couldn't get enough of him! congrats, Cass!! 

Give thanks Sunday!

Posted on: 6.24.2012

well, rather really really early monday...but whatever. 
a few things i'd like to give thanks to from this past week. 
1. this amazing new bed that could make any kid willing to nap for hours. seriously, it's perfect!
2. the fashion show that Jon puts on after he "scores big" in the TJ Maxx men's department.
3. actually, I'm just thankful for TJ Maxx period. 
4. Digiorno's pizza & cookie box combos. I mean, is that not the most genius idea? snaps for that one!
5. to this keyboard and its ability to hide my horrible serial killer handwriting
6. OPI's "Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees" polish that makes even my  boy nails look good. i'ma biter!
7. ^ kittens that walk across your keyboard to leave their little signature on your blog entry. 
8. the forgotten pottery barn gift card that is now responsible for buying us a new duvet cover!!
9. my washer and dryer. granted, i share them with 3 other units but it sure beats trips to the 'mat. 
10. this growing collection of maxi skirts. they're cute, hide my thighs & make my butt look fantastic

life latey

Posted on: 6.20.2012

according to my iphone pictures...

babies look like hard work...

these two have cracked me up lately. we got the new mattress in and, while waiting 3 days for garbage night, they decided that the old mattresses leaning against the wall in the living room would make the perfect climbing tower/play area/napping spot/scratching post  EVER created. they would run through the hall and leap half way up the side. then run across the thing, jump down and do it all over again. finally they came down from their tower and allowed me to snap a few pics, god bless 'em! 

and i agree, it IS hard to tell where Jon's leg fur stops and the cat's body fur begins. 
but hey, what are ya gonna do, ya know? 

Marcie's having a baby!

Posted on: 6.17.2012

saturday we had a babyshower for a our friend that, i still can't believe, is having a little one! it's so crazy watching all of my friends start to get married and have babies. i know i'll be in the same boat some day, it's just nuts. the same girls that sat next to me in first grade are now comparing diaper brands to each other. the same girls that use to smoke in the parking lot in highschool are now getting all mushy when holding up a pair of baby socks. it's the funniest thing. my mom says if you wait until you're ready to start having your own family, it will never happen. she says there is never a right time. with that being said, i'm so excited for you, marcie! i know this is your right time! love you!! 

feliz cumpleaƱos Ashley!!

this weekend completely exhausted me in the best kind of way. some of my girlfriends came in to town for a birthday and a babyshower and i was so excited to get to play with them. i haven't seen them since winter, some of them even longer than that. friday, we went and got margaritas at a mexican restaurant and stayed way past our welcome. it was fun to catch up and just see where everyone's lives are taking them. it's weird how no two people's paths are the same. we were all raised in the same place, taught the same values and we have all grown up so differently. i love them. 

sunburns & river hair

Posted on: 6.12.2012

today, i went rafting! well... i guess the correct term is "cabrewing" ... it's when you go canoeing and drink beers aka ... brewskies? a clever term, i must say!  at first, i was a whiney brat and was complaining the whole way there. beer and i are not really friends and the thought of spending 5+ hours in a canoe with cans of it sounded completley awful. once we got there, we decided to get a raft as it would be easier to drive and less likely to flip which sounded like music to my ears! i took pictures the whole time (luckily, the general store sold zip lock bags for 50 cents a piece)  though it looked questionable and more risky than it was worth,  i watched jon do a rope swing... he didn't die.  and not to brag, but i steered that thing an impressingly long amount of time. go me! once my arm freckles came out of hiding, i knew it was time to go! with a sun burn on my back and river water in my hair, i was glad to get home. what a shockingly eventful tuesday!

 oh, and tonight i'm rubbing aloe lotion all over jon and myself's sunburns on none other than our... 
wait for it... new mattress! Chyeah! 

Give thanks Sunday

Posted on: 6.10.2012

i've found that lately, i let myself get stressed easily and am not fully appreciating everything i have. i live a pretty cushy life and there is a lot to be thankful for. So from now on, Sunday posts will be a little devotion to things I'm happy to embrace! here goes:
1. taking showers in the dark: it saves on electric & every night is like a squeaky clean candle lit date.        (plus, i swear, soaps and shampoos smell better in the dark! seriously!)  
2. the delicious serta king mattress that I'll be jumping & rolling around on in approximately 36 hours! 
3. our kitten and his natural born desire to kill... waterbugs. and then hide them under the area rugs. PS typing that reminded me of when my dad use to tuck me in at night and say "snug as a bug in a rug" :)
4. this new ninja blender and all of its ice shaving, strawberry puree-ing glory
5. my dad putting a new air conditioner in my car that could keep ice cream feeling safe & sound. brrr!
6. online purchases & the 4-8(business) days worth of thrill for not knowing when their arrival will be.
7. knowing that there is a pretty rockin' body under this 15 extra pounds of fluffy stuff. 
8. being a brunette. blondes may have more fun, but i have more money saved from root touch ups
9. hearing Jon tell his friends that shorts above the knee & muscleshirts are totally acceptable. love him
10. while everyone else fights for the crunchy french fries, all i want are the soggy mushy ones. Win!

life lately...

Posted on: 6.07.2012

according to my iphone pictures

another summer bucket list!

Posted on: 6.05.2012

last year, i made a list of all of the things i wanted to do during the summer time. i checked off majority of them (including SKYDIVING  a trip to rabbit hash and breaking into a public pool... no pictures required for that last one :) making the list was half of the fun and checking off things felt like quite the achievement. now, i've said it before and i'll say it again... i am a festival fanatic! so i found this website of Ohio Festivals and am so excited to scroll through it and pick a few out. Yellowsprings Festival? here we come!! i've started making my 2012 summer list today & got so excited already!

1. go to the World's Longest Yardsale
(yes it is real and yes we are going!) 
2. pick the berries & make my own jam
3. festivals, festivals, festivals
4. find the perfect dining room table
5. go to a drive-in movie... this trickled down from 2011's list
6. go to an outdoor music festival
7. take a trip to kings island
8. learn to knit
9. go on a real camping trip... maybe
10. go the gorges and antique shops of Waynesville, Ohio

i'm so excited for what all this summer has to bring! here's to many days requested off work!!  

so many june babies!

Posted on: 6.03.2012

this weekend was completely dedicated to birthdays & families... which i absolutely love!! yesterday, we spent the afternoon with Jon's family and this afternoon was spent with mine. i love being around jon's family; they are loud and funny and so entertaining to watch. i have step siblings now, but i was raised alone and family functions were never what they are like at his house. they were quiet and ... boring? boring sounds mean... but... yea, kind of boring! looking back at when i was younger, i loved shows like 7th heaven, step by step. anything with 100 kids & chaos. my mom's husband has plenty of family to enjoy, including the cutest 3 year old chinese babe you have ever seen. her name is Melayah and they adopted her 2 years ago. she ran around all afternoon with my iphone taking pictures of everyone. (she actually knew how to push the button and take a picture. 110 pictures, to be exact) we ate plenty, enjoyed family and jon got to throw a little frisbee, which i know he loved. such a good weekend!! here's a few pics i (and Melayah) snapped. 

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