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life lately

Posted on: 5.31.2012

according to my iphone pics...

a sunday summer wedding!!

Posted on: 5.27.2012

this evening, we went to our friends Katie and Todd's wedding reception. this wedding will hold a special place in my heart because 1. it was the first thing to ever come in the mail with both of our names on it and 2. it was our first wedding together. they were married in Hawaii with close friends and family and then came back here for a reception. this is possibly one of the smartest ways i think people can plan their wedding, though i know i would want all of my friends and family at the actual ceremony. since they were married in Hawaii, the reception was tropical theme. beautiful bright flowers, fish tacos and the beach boys all made for an amazing night for everyone (not the mention the "top shelf only" open bar... cha ching!) all of our place settings were made from sand dollars with our names and they passed out match boxes as favors. i was excited to add that to my collection of boxes! i danced my butt off to all of the classic wedding tunes and was so excited that my good friend Jamie was there! congrats, katie and todd! love you guys!
wedding time! don't we look cute? :)
and as a side note, i MUST find out where this wedding cake was from. i'm a total cake snob lover and i had to have 2 pieces to fill my craving. best ever!! 

Taste of Cincinnati

today was a busy one for sure! we got up extra early and i dragged jon to the taste of cincinnati!! i love festivals, always have and i hope always will. the more tacky and ridiculous the festival is, the better. (i count down the days to renaissance festival every year, what with its giant turkey legs and tomato throwing competitions) beer, finger food and music are 3 essentials to summer time festivals and it wasn't too packed for a holiday weekend. the festival was hotter than hell, due to no breeze and nothing but blazing sunshine. i was having a blast chowing down on my corn on the cob and looking for the infamous creme brulee until jon noticed that my 10 hour-old spray tan was running onto my sundress (note to any spray tanners: sun? sweat? no good).  a shortlived festival for sure! time to go! 

the newest member of us...

Posted on: 5.24.2012

so since jon and i work insanely long hours that keep us away from home, we knew any pet with a level of maintenance higher than a cat would be out of the question. we love our baby, gracie, but i always felt bad leaving her here from 11 am until midnight. granted, she slept all day and didn't seem to care, but i still felt uneasy. we decided it was time to look for a kitty #2; someone to keep gracie entertained during the day. after all, two cats are better than one, right? a few weeks ago, we went to the SCPA and came home with this little guy. 
is he not the cutest?? i mean, he's not the most photogenic thing i've ever taken pictures of... he moves a lot and doesn't really care.. but i still love him. jon picked him out by waking up all of the kittens to make them "sell theirselves" and this little guy climbed up his leg and onto his shoulder (the guy's 6 foot 8!) he was a winner for sure. we named him Weezy because bless his heart he sneezes all the time. Gracie wasn't sure from day 1 to about day 5 but they are now the best of cat friends. thank god! 

A day trip to Findlay Market!

i always know that summer has kicked off when my fruits and vegetables come from the farmers market! the mismatched grocery bags, the haggling prices and the floating dollar bills in my purse are always a dead giveaway. i may be biased, but i'd say we have one of the best farmers markets i've been to (smack dab in the middle of the ghetto, no less) called Findlay Market. it's practically a small town in itself.  numerous shops line the street offering up meats, cheeses, fresh seafood and baked goods for cheap cheap cheap!! jon was practically drooling on the floor when he found mussels for $3 a pound while i was happy as a clam (get it? clam... mussels?... ok, not funny) when i found kiwis for an honest price! it's fun to buy local,  talk to the owners and feel like you're making a contribution to your city... you're welcome, cincinnati. and thank you for the peaches!
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