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happy!! (new year and birthday, Jace!)

Posted on: 1.01.2012

the past few days have been a freaking nightmare! i broke my collarbone when i was 14 and now, after 10 years, i have a calcium buildup that can only be removed through surgery. i have absolutely no use of my left arm and i'm left handed! and a waitress! im shocked no one has tied me up to a tree and shot me yet. Jon has been so amazing from putting my hair in a ponytail, clasping my bra and sleeping with one eye open to make sure he didn't roll over on me. as a thank you for being so amazing he got a little present from me; a new playstation 3. you've never seen a guy so happy!! 

last night was new years eve and, like every year, it came with the anxiety of planning out festivities down to the minute. every year this happens. we plan out a huge blow out back in november for new years and by december 29th, the plans get trampled on. suprisingly though, i was ok with that this year. we were on our way to the casino when jon said "ya know, we really don't have to go. we can hang out around here if you want" i was totally fine with saving the 45 minute drive to the smoke infested casino so i agreed with excitement. we went to applebees, ate appetizers and watched the ball drop on tv, as well as watched Beyonce sing her ass off.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.

and for the past 3 years, without fail, is my godson's birthday party. he was born on the hangover day of the year, new years day and it's quite unfortunate. i walked in smelling of vodka and a small rats nest in the back of my hair but ready to help set up. she always has the best party themes. last year it was cowboy themed and his first birthday was jungle safari. i don't know where my friend finds the time to put on these crazy parties but i'm happy to help and be there. i love that i'm 3 for 3 for his birthday parties. the pictures of him are usually full of blinking, screaming, talking and just the simple face of "it's my birthday and i'm not going to do a damn thing that you want me to" still, the pictures are important to me and i'm glad they exist. this year was circus themed and super cute.  i have a popcorn maker and a 24 year old gumball machine that i donated to the party that fit in perfectly. she filled popcorn boxes with small toys and candies, hired a juggling entertainer and we ate "circus food" cotton candy, nachos, walking tacos and those peanut marshmellows. the cake, as always was unbelievable. erin has picked up quite a trade with cake making and so far they haven't bought a cake yet for one of these parties. 
happy birthday to the little man! love love love you!
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