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Christmas Vacation, us style

Posted on: 12.26.2011

well, it's finally here; December 26th. The day of saying things like "well now what do i do with all of these christmas music playlists and leftover bits of wrapping paper?" and "is it too soon to take down the tree and box up the garland?" so sad. BUT with only a few days until new years and my 24th coming up in January, I'm happy to say goodbye to Christmas! we spent the 19th thru the 23rd in Gatlinburg with my family and had a lot of fun. We did a trail that nearly killed me, went through an amazing aquarium and got plenty of R&R. we also went to a neat restaurant that allowed you to draw on dollarbills and stick them up on the wall... pretty sure this is illegal but hey! we were on vaca! it rained literally every and all day that we were there but we tried to make the best of it. at least there wasnt a mountain of ice for my poor car to tread up! 

the 24th was spent at Jon's mom's during the day, my mom's family at night and Christmas morning was spent at my mom's house in the morning and my dad's family's before we headed into work. I got exactly what I asked for: the most amazing electric toothbrush that has ever been inside a mouth! I've brushed my teeth probably 7 times since yesterday and just keep feeling like I left the dentist. hope everyone had a great holiday this year!!

milk money diner

Posted on: 12.11.2011

yesterday was the first saturday in ages, and probably the last for 2011, that Jon and I were both off work. I promised him a night of videogames if i could have the day with him to do girly things and he promptly accepted my offer! We first visited a huge antique mall near us and, i gotta say, it wasn't my favorite. The prices were out of control expensive and the pieces weren't really my style. They had too many shot and stuffed polar bears, lions and birds for my taste.
But low and behold I did get out of there with this cute little find. An old suitcase that once held a pair of roller skates. I'll need to do some research on it and see what exactly its story is but I'm in love with it. And for $15, I'm pretty happy with this steal!!
We left there and I knew exactly where I wanted to go.
Lebanon, Ohio is a small little town just overflowing with old antique shops as well as mom & pop shops that look as though they have been around forever. Those are the little towns I can really sink my teeth into. i think it may partly be since my dad owns his own business so i have an appreciation for the locally owned and operated. anyways, Lebanon is amazing and has some really cool history to it. we went to the ice cream parlor (quite the original name, I'd say!) and had lunch. i wasn't aware before we got there, but this was the same town and ice cream parlor that the movie "Milk Money" was filmed at!

How cool is that!?

it looked something off the set of Happy Days. the girl serving was around our age and you could tell she had been asked a few too many times "so, what's the history behind this place?" i didn't pester her for anything more than a refill on my tea... and a mint chocolate chip milkshake! she brought me out my upside down coke glass accompanied by my glorious shake, which seemed endless and ice cold since it was served in an old fashion metal milkshake shaker. good to the last chocolatey chip spoonful! after all of this sugar, i felt horribly full in the most delicious way.
we went to a few more antique shops and i kept my eye out for what is now my antique challenge. I am looking for a leather strap of old bells. reindeer-esque, you know? i found a few but i refused to pay more than $50 for a strand of old bells. but how pretty would that be as christmas decor? after our final store, we spotted a building that neither of us could resist, though we were already in a near sugar coma.
oooh yes, you read that right. no, not a candy shop. but a chocolate shop. 4 walls, a floor and ceiling dedicated to nothing but the creating of that magical goodness that gets me everytime! my stomach instantly felt better. milkshake? what milkshake? that was nearly 30 minutes ago! it's chocolate time! 
from homemade reesecups to chocolate turtles and frogs, this place had everything a chocolate lover could hope for. 3 heavier set women (if they had been thin, i would have questioned their integrity as chocolate lovers) greated us and we chose a few truffles to take home. we got few pieces of creme brulee, coffee (milk chocolate, dark and white) as well as chai tea, which i was very worried would be ruined. they were gorgeous and melted in my mouth as i walked back to the car with a stomach ache.
with a new antique treasure and a belly full of truffles, this was a good saturday.

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