Say a prayer while i hunt for a chair


ever since Andrew moved into what is now OUR apartment, there has been an endless list of things to take care of and get fixed up. From hanging plants in our bedroom, finishing up my nude woman bathroom project to our most proud accomplishment to date- our kitchen. Everything is beautiful and perfect and I'm serious when I say that sometimes I just walk from one room to the next admiring all that we have completed in such a short amount of time. There is only one thing left that I'm on the search for until I'm able to say that our home is done for a while... a chair. A sexy, modern, worn in but beautiful chair, preferably with a story behind it. I missed out on the most gorgeous chair on craigslist by an hour (an hour. I cried) it was drastically underpriced, so much so that I would have paid triple and still left the seller skipping in glee. But someone jumped on top of it and bought it up within seconds, as it rightfully deserved and now it's all I can think about. I told Andrew when he moved in that I wanted to get him sort of a welcome gift and at first I meant it more as a joke and thought I would just get him a new toothbrush and maybe some towels (which I doubt he would object to) but then I decided a gorgeous armchair would be the perfect gift. I like to watch him get ready for work and put on his watch and tie his shoes and I just envision a really gorgeous, buttery leather chair in the corner of our bedroom. You know I won't spend thousands and I'll most likely find the dream chair on the side of the road before a garbage night but that doesn't bother me any! So... long story short... say a prayer for my chair! 

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