a night away at hotel covington

once upon a time, Jamie Dawn liked to party. I would stay up all night and sleep all day and accomplished next to nothing. And then I found Andrew, a fellow nocturnal creature, and don't ask me how it happened but fast forward to now- we are usually in bed by 10 pm at the latest and are up before the sun. We have a pretty good little routine in our day to day life and nothing makes me happier than crawling into our bed every night. But... even the most content of humans in the happiest of homes need to shake things up a bit every once in a while, right? So this past week, we did something crazy- we. went. out. Actually, not only did we go out- we stayed out. After a quick "ya know what would be fun? we should get a hotel room." type of conversation, we packed an overnight bag, took a twenty-minute road trip south of our apartment, and found ourselves in the lobby of Hotel Covington
and so, like a couple of friggin' rockstars, we got ourselves a hotel room... on a Wednesday night... who are we!? we headed up the elevator, unpacked our bag, and checked out every knick knack and amenity that made up our room. we must have yelled back and forth to each other "oh babe! did you see this?!" a few times, but hey whatever, we were excited. I mean, there was a magic 8 ball in our room. I don't know why it was there but it did its job by making me smile so there ya go. and yes, the robes are squishy and comfy. and no, Andrew would not let me wear it down to the bar for drinks :) 
I think I said with a smile "I feel like we're on vacation!" five times throughout our first few hours of our stay, but can you blame me? This place was absolutely gorgeous and like nowhere else I've been around in the city. Everything, down to the napkins, was totally my taste (tutorial coming soon on how to make HC-style napkins because I figured shoving 20 of them into my purse would be frowned upon) The front of the hotel is even dedicated to a small gift shop, filled with products from all kinds of local businesses. We aren't talking t-shirts and key chains, people. We're talking local candies, candles, and bottles of liquor- helloooooo. I had to basically be pulled out of the gift shop by my hair before I bought a deck of "Cards Against Covington" cards because how hilarious is that?
i spy my favorite bar buddy in the pic above, studying that drink menu.
the "miss daisy" and "tropical void" cocktails. double yum. 
after a cocktail or 4, we headed into the restaurant of the hotel, Coppin's. we had eaten here once before with friends and it was just as perfect as I remember. Like I said, down to the plates and dinnerware, the designer of this place knew what they were doing. Oh, and the corn fritters and cheese board will be in my heart forever. if you take nothing else away from this post, please don't forget about the corn fritters.
we ate and drank and laughed and had the best of times. And after one of the best nights of sleep ever (those mattresses. I have got to figure out where they get their mattresses. I usually wake up looking like a crooked old witch from our springy mattress at home, but that morning I sprung out of bed feeling amazing) we headed down to Coppin's for breakfast. Most people know how annoying I am and I'll take photos of everything from pretty buildings to a funny looking dog so when you're having breakfast at 6:30 in the morning, it's easy to have a photo shoot with your omelet and feel no judgment because hey! you'll likely be the only ones around! and I wasn't about to let that stack of pancakes be devoured without a photo first, obviously. It's also my dream come true that I'm dating someone that knows when pretty food hits the table, I'm going to want a photo of it before anything is eaten! haha! So after my pancakes were gone, my coffee cup was empty, and the sun began to rise, it was time to cross the river back to reality and head into work. 
it was a long and dreary day, knowing that we had left a big, squishy hotel bed with hotel sheets only to head back into the work week, but it was good. It was so so good to enjoy a night away and feel like we were in our own little world for the night. I hope it's a habit we carry on for years, to make plans out of nowhere and find adventures along the way. I hope we're always able to disappear and no one knows where we are (until they see my facebook check in, haha) and I hope we are never bored. New restaurants, attractions, and shops are constantly popping up around this city and I'm glad I'm dating someone that equally wants to embark on all of it with me, or at least smiles along the way. If you're in the area of Cincinnati for a quick stay or you're local and just want to experience a place that is truly exceptional, treat yourself to a night at  Hotel Covington. It really is on another level and just what this city needed!

this post was sponsored by Hotel Covington. as always, thank you to my readers for supporting. 

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  1. Isn't it the coolest hotel? We got to stay there earlier this month when we were back in town for a wedding and I had the same reaction to the napkins. And those pancakes!


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