My door is blue

a few weeks ago, when trying to jiggle my key into my front door, i  could literally the door crying. he was sad because of how ugly he was and mad that i've lived here for 4 years and allowed this ugliness to go on for so long. ok, my door didn't really speak. obviously.  but i do say this to myself quite often about how i want a prettier front door. so finally, i got up the nerve to ask my landlord if i could paint it and he was an absolute angel. in fact, he politely told me that i could do whatever i wanted to my apartment because i always make it look nice and take care of it. i swear, you don't appreciate a good landlord until you've had a bad one and i could kiss mine on the mouth, he's so great. 
so anyway, after hours of scouring thru pinterest, i landed on blue. like bright, electric blue. but, like all pinterest projects, i feared that it wouldn't look as good in real life as it did on these fancy doors i was seeing online. but! i gotta say, i'm pretty damn pleased with how it turned out. 
framing my front door was some sort of particle board that was the ugliest of beige colors so i decided to paint that with my leftover primer. i think that made a world of difference, too. picking out a paint color was the hardest part because who really knows what these colors will actually look like when they aren't on a 3inch square swatch? so i sent this photo below to a few friends, and thank GOD everyone agreed on the same color without me having to push them toward it. the bottom blue on the far left swatch is what i went with "Electric Blue" and it was perfect. from the second the home depot employee smudged the paint can with that little sample dot, i fell in love and thought YUP THAT COLOR IS PERFECT THANK GOD!
and anyone that knows me knows that once i get something like painting a door in my head, i'm ready to start the project 5 minutes ago. so i went home and hit the door with my primer (at about 10:30 at night. yeah, i don't recommend that) then the following day i did one more primer coat in the morning, then the first blue coat in the evening. and then the following morning, i did the final blue coat. i also painted the door knob and lock matte black and i think that made a big difference, too. man, i love paint. so anyway, here's a few photos of my brand new blue door! you can't miss this place! 

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  1. My goodness, that blue door is amazing! :) I'm also a fan of that little cactus. So cute. I want to start a little cacti family of my own!


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