a few things around the internet to give you all the feels:

today was a doozy. no need for details. so here's a few funny and good things to go click on. 

this pup in a shrub that i couldn't stop laughing at for a full minute. i need him to teach me how to just relax in stressful situations.

speaking of having all the feelings, here's 23 perfect words to describe some of the feelings we have ALL had but never knew how to explain it in a word. this list is amazing.

mad men was one of my favorite shows. and i appreciate drake as a rapper. if you feel the same, or just have a love for women making it in the work place watch this video of Peggy Olson being perfect.

just like joey from friends, i have a love affair with a good sandwich. here's a few bread less sandwich options. so yum.

luckily i have a great relationship with most of my x's. but i have a few out there that i would prefer to never see again. do you agree? watch this hilarious video that demonstrates what you're really thinking when you run into an x


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