A new bathroom with Plumb Tile

a few months back it hit me like a bag of bricks that i needed to redecorate my bathroom. we all know i ball on a budget so i knew that i wanted to be able complete the entire project for only a few hundred bucks (at the most!) paint was necessary, a new shower curtain and of course some new bath mats. growing up, i used to always try and change out things in my bathroom whenever it became too "bleh" over time. and at the ripe old age of 13, i was throwing away my dragonfly shower curtain and replacing it with neutral tones, cream candles and calm colors. and now, 15 years later, it's amazing how my bathroom style has changed drastically once again. but luckily, a bathroom is a fairly cheap and easy room to change up every so often. 5 years ago, when i moved into my apartment, everything was brown and tan and cream and ehhhhhh not so fun to look at. i knew i wanted to liven it up with some drastic changes and deeper tones. so you can understand how happy i was to discover Plumb Tile . you guys, be prepared to enter a world of pure bathroom and kitchen remodeling dreams, for the rich and poor. (poor kids, follow me! they have an amazing clearance section) from stainless steal shower heads to copper tubs they have everything you could ever need to design your dream bathroom and the prices are extremely reasonable. these days, i'm really loving the dark walls, bright white  floors, copper tubs and lots of dramatic fixtures. just changing a shower curtain and cabinet knobs can make a world of difference in such a small space and Plumb Tile gives you more options than you could ever dream of to help get you started on your new bathroom. their site is organized by room, price or brand and super easy to navigate through so have a ball and enjoy your new favorite room of your house!  

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