things we thought when we were kids

when i was little, i thought that if you hit the garage door opener in the car (no matter where you were) the garage door would open. we were out of town once in like florida or something and i hit the garage door opener accidentally at a rest stop and was sure that i opened the garage from 2000 miles away. i mean, how in the hell would i know?! i also thought that everyone had their own name and that no one else could have it. it really threw my 5 year old brain for a loop when there were 2 tiffany's in my kindergarten class. 
i was thinking about this mumbo jumbo the other day and thought it would be fun to see what other nonsense other people thought when they were wee ones. i couldn't possibly be the only one out there that thought these things, right? so i put up a Facebook status asking others to include their own silly kid thoughts and i got some of the BEST responses ever. i was cracking up reading them. so i figured it would be fun to internet shame these Facebook friends of mine and throw them up on my blog to live forever in the universe. i'm leaving everyone anonymous but these are just too good to not share! 

crazy things i thought as a kid:
C- "i thought cars drove people for the longest time and not the other way around" 

W- "i used to think people actually died in movies. i remember thinking "i guess sometimes you are wiling to die to be a movie star" the first time i saw an actor in a different movie, after watching him die in another, i thought hollywood had a special way to bring people back. then i wanted to be a movie star so i never really died" 

C- "i thought that there was a baby the size of a polly pocket in my belly and it just kept growing and growing until i was old enough for it to come out" 

S- "i thought factories made clouds"

A- "i thought there were tiny elves or something inside the VCR that made the VCR tapes play" 

Q- "i thought steaks were made out of beaver tails"

D- "when i went to church, i always thought instead of them saying "hosanna in the highest" that they were saying "lasagna in the highest: like it was the best lasagna on the planet. i also thought i could meet the ghost busters at blockbuster" 

A- "i thought a first name and a last name had to sound "good" together or the name was false" 

C- "i thought there were tiny people that lived in traffic lights to make them change colors" 

E- "i thought that parents were never kids. like, they were just born big or something" 

B- "it's one of my earlier memories, but at one time i thought dogs and cats were the same species. dogs were the boys and cats were the girls" 

W- "i thought all strangers drove VW bugs and that girls peed out of their butts"

K- "i used to believe that ATM cards had unlimited money. i would always tell my mom to go to the atm and get more with the card" 

N- "i thought one end of an earth worm was the girl and one end was the boy and i would always try and make them kiss"

K- "i thought cartoon shows were real"

C- "i thought that for whatever reason, when you grew up you had to have a boy and a girl. and they they would each have a boy and a girl.  i dont even know how this came about!" 

K- "i used to think "unsolved mysteries" was actual footage of the crime and i always wondered why whoever had the camera wasn't helping" 

M- "when i was in elementary school, we were painting my bedroom and i asked my mom if it were possible to paint a room so many times that there was no room left" 

T- "after seeing black and white movies, i thought real life was black and white back then" 

A- "i thought you could literally shove a straw in an orange to drink orange juice, like the tropicana logo. i figured it out when i tried it and never got any dang OJ no matter how hard i sucked on the straw"

L- "teachers living at school. running into them at the grocer store was odd to me" 

K- "i'm two years younger than my sister and when i was little i was 100% convinced that i was older than there because my birthday came before hers. like so convinced, that this caused may fights. in all fairness though, february does come before march"

aren't they great!? happy sunday!! 


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