1. here's a hilarious post of broke students trying to get by in college.

2. sex advice and stories. check it out here. it's kind of perfect.

3. i'm always fascinated by anyone that can do their makeup well, but this makeup video is sooo wild.

4. fall is nearly here (it's still hotter than hell here) and i'm sooo ready to break out my faux leather jacket

5. here is a great interview with my future wife, Lena Dunham.

6. everyone around me seems to be sick right now, myself included. so here are a few ways to help a sore throat when you inevitably get one.

7. here's a list of ways to laugh when you want to cry.

8.  i've had "ombre" hair forever. i think 4 years? ish? and hell yes it's still cool in 2015 SEE?

9. here's a list of auditions in cincinnati for numerous plays and musicals.

10. puppies and babies because puppies and babies.


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