i love my houseplants so much, i'll post about them twice in one lifetime.

because this is my blog and i can double blog about my plant babies if i please! i'm actually becoming pretty proud of them. things like repotting, for instance, is quite important. i have one plant called an elephant ear or something like that and he was looking soooo sad. so what do i do? i repot him. give him extra water and whisper nice things to him. the next morning? he perked up and within a few days, even grew a new leaf! i love plants for that. they don't get in bad mood, they aren't two faced and they don't change their minds. they just want dirt, light and water. 

it's been a rough couple of days in JD land over here. a few people recently have shown their true colors and, unlike my plants, they did show a different face than the one i thought they had. i'm trying to learn to be a better judge of character and learn to read people better. not everyone is supposed to be let into your life. not everyone is good. and not everyone has your best interest at heart. but so is life. and if you aren't weeding out the bad guys (another gardening analogy) then are you actually growing? 

i can name my close friends on one hand. i like to stay home a lot. i don't get along with a huge range of people. i have overly strong convictions. i speak my mind too much. i rarely let things go when i think someone is doing something gross or wrong. i avoid any and all confrontation and let things get to me too easily. but at the end of the day, i can go to bed knowing that i will look back on all of this and know that i was true to myself. and that all the people I've met along the way were either meant to stick around for the long haul or they weren't. just like my silly little houseplants, i only need a few things to survive. and unnecessary people, lies and hate are not going to help me grow. just give me the sun!


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