Happy National Ice Cream Day!

There are plenty of holidays. Hundreds or thousands, I'm sure. But today ranks right up there with Christmas and Halloween as being one of my top 3 favorite. It is national FREAKING ice cream day! Take a minute and let that sink in. An entire day dedicated to my favorite food. A bowl of ice cream is perfect for dinner, can cure even the worst break up blues and can even perk up a Wednesday afternoon. I couldn't trust a person in my life that doesn't like it. So you guys get it. I love the stuff, yadda yadda. Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have Cincinnati's best ice cream shop right up the road and, even in this ridiculous muggy weather, was able to make a trip up there today to celebrate with fellow ice cream lovers. 
Greaters is the one of our most prized offerings of Cincinnati and today they got to really shine! The line was looooong and the weather was (still is) hotttt. Too hot for a photo shoot with a melting prop, I can tell ya that. I think it's feeling something like 100 degrees outside so luckily the ice cream cut the heat a bit. I knew they would be packed full of everyone around town but it's always nice to see people coming out and about and enjoying the city. The cutest little old couple sat inside sharing a banana split while a few teens covered in tattoos and piercings sucked down some milkshakes at the neighboring table. A screaming toddler running back and forth through the shop was quickly made quiet when he was handed his mini cone covered in sprinkles. See!? The whole damn world loves ice cream. Peace, Love and Ice Cream, people!
 So the roomie and I grabbed Bronson and headed out earlier afternoon for burritos and ate only enough of them to leave room for black raspberry scoops and mocha chip. That mocha, you guys. You can always count on biting into a few glacier- size pieces of chocolate chunks and trust me- they will take all of your problems away. Bronson enjoyed a few pieces of burrito chicken, a bowl of water and a few licks off of my cone. Living the hardest life ever, that guy. He's now sleeping under my feet, probably dreaming about that cone. Me too, Bronson. Meee too! Here's a few pics we snapped while out today.
 Hope you're having a great Sundae! (see what I did there?) 


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