This place always makes my day. even when i have to go toe to toe for the last cantaloupe...
 "gimme a quarter pound of the sharpest stuff ya got"
 and oh. my. god. soooo good! ^
^i mean, can i just move here, already? ^
^ i feel like a snob mcbob for not getting this gentlemen's name. i'll call him the "rock guy" for now. i've been trying my hand at jewelry making and he was very helpful. and dare i say, adorable?  ^
^ put all the local honey in my cupboard ^
^ in school choir, we learned early on that if you didn't know the lyrics to song, just say "watermelon, watermelon" over & over. now it's all i think of when i see them. thanks for getting me through, guys! ^
this place is perfect. see ya saturday. i have a date with the "woven basket" lady. good grief, i need to get everyone name tags. 



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  2. I currently have that honey sitting in my cupboard and it is to die for! Sooo good! Glad to see you had a nice day out! :)

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