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JD thrifts // how to decorate a dresser

Posted on: 8.07.2014

a few weeks ago, i posted photos of my new dresser. this thing was a total steal from the thrift store and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. For a while now, I've been wanting to have a print made up of a photo I have taken. I wanted to have a wall piece that I knew was made from something I snapped with my own camera. After looking around online, I found that TinyPrints had the best wall art options. So many size options and great prices. I knew that I wanted to have one of my photos printed off thru them to add to my dresser decor. Adding pieces around my apartment is one of my favorite hobbies. the sky is the limit and it's always fun to find something on a budget. (aside from my tiny print wall decal and the "nuns in bumper cars", everything shown above is thrifted) 

I thought it would be fun to write a quick post on what i like to do to style a large piece of furniture. I'll start by saying, I am NOT a minimalist. i like stuff and i'll scream it from the rooftops. so anyways, here's a few of the ways that i like to make my apartment decor fun and interesting! hope you enjoy! 
books books books. you can never have enough fun books with bright colors and fun titles to add to your home decor. most thrift stores sell books for a dollar and sometimes you can find them for even less. I always buy hardbacks and stack them up and use them to add height. 
these copper cups were a real steal for a few bucks a piece. they weren't this gorgeous when i found them, but with a little copper cleaner, they shined up beautifully. i use them to hold used matches, jewelry and candles. 
as you can see in the top photo, my $3 dresser is missing a drawer. And it was a stroke of fate that my record player fit perfectly in the missing space. 
i quickly painted this "think outside the box" print the other night and kind of love it. i love the simplicity of the black and white.
my print that i ordered from tiny prints turned out so great. a few weeks ago, i went around Cincinnati and took photos of my favorite street murals. 2 days after i took this photo, this wall was knocked down. i'm so happy i got a shot of it before it was gone and even more happy that i now have it printed up forever.  it's on the most sturdy thick canvas and the colors showed up beautifully! 

above my dresser, i have hanging a map of all of the haunted locations in Cincinnati. it's one of my favorite things in my house and it's actually a brochure that i had framed years ago. 
under my dresser, i keep my thrifted box of oil pants. it's a mess in that box… but hey, art is messy!
a few pieces of advice when decorating for yourself:
1. keep the bigger pieces centered, like larger framed pieces or bigger vases. 
2. i love fresh flowers in my house, so i try and only buy clearance flowers
3. same goes for candles. i burn them so quick, i can't see buying expensive ones
4. you want your decor to draw people in. if it looks boring to you, it will look boring to others
5. switch it up and move things around often
6. i layer my framed pieces. it allows me to show off more prints
7. make your own wall art. it's cheap and you can make it your own.
8. invest in prints that you will love forever. i love my nuns in bumper cards and now i love my wall print so much. that wall is gone, but my print is with me forever. 

thank you so much TinyPrints for my gorgeous print! it's beautiful and looks amazing.

JD thrifts //

Posted on: 3.05.2014

 guys... my thrift game lately has been ON. POINT. thrifting has always been a huge hobby of mine and lately? i don't know i just feel like i walk into the store, grab my squeaky cart and breathe in that beautiful familiar smell that IS the thrift store (you know the smell i'm talking about. it's a world wide scent i'm sure) 

but last week, I walked out with this chair; as proud as any thrifter could be. i knew i wanted a funky old chair for my bedroom and i didn't want to spend too much. and when i say "much", i mean like…$40 tops. so i walked in and saw this bad boy and carried him around proudly. no really i waddled around with it showing it off like a blue ribbon animal at the fair. It's Ethan Allen and it was $25. It's this fun greenish yellow color and i'm kind of obsessed with it. its legs are fantastic and i just need to look into getting it cleaned up a bit and getting that bottom strip of fabric off. but all the buttons are in tact, the fabric isn't torn up too bad and did i mention that thing was $25?? Shwing!! 
next up was this fantastic vest. 
it's liz clairborne and was… $3? i think? somewhere around there. it's warm as hell and kind of that ugly cute if you know what i mean. 
this is hardly a good picture of it. but that rug? under the chair? $5 and purchased last week. -insert little purple devil smiling emoji here- and it's huuuuuge i might add. and the coolest pattern. i'm not even sure if its life was meant to be lived as a rug. but it is now. mwahaha
and the mac daddy thrift purchase of them all. i bought a pair dudes jean shorts that came down to about my shins for 9 freaking cents you guys… and cut them up and frayed them and got super duper excited for spring.  they look so cute on and have given me a reason to take the steps at school soooo that's cool!!
 anyways, this post had no real point except to brag and show off my goodies. 
hope everyone is having a good week!! 


Posted on: 8.03.2012

ok, so i must first start with a disclaimer
for anyone ever planning to do this yardsale thing:
 it is crucial that you be the most patient person known to man. someone that can walk while having to pee, with sweat running down your back and dust all over your feet just to look at someone else's trash/your potential treasures... for hours. doesn't sound like you? welp, then you are done for! it was crazy madness, i tell you! it took us 7 hours to get 2 hours down the highway... that's how many stops we are talking about here! every other driveway was just calling my name "jamieeeeee come to meeeee, i have trinketssss and junkkkkk that you'll loooove" 
these guys came home with us!! 
after a long day of looking, we had dinner and then realized HELLO! we had NO hotel reservations anywhere! i under estimated this event's popularity and there was nowhere available... so we spent $10 on a camping spot and slept in the car. this campground had a dinner theater going on when we arrived and it felt like something out of the twilight zone (the show was about aliens or something) ah, the stories we'll have forever. so, with an aching back and rain pouring down, we decided it was time to go home. 
i love home.
also, i found this old typewriter on our first day that i passed up buying... and thought about it all night long. so this morning, while driving back up the highway to go home, i stopped at the sale again to see if it was still there. it's now living in my house!
all in all, i'm happy we went. but happy to be home, showered and in my own bed now!


Posted on: 3.19.2012

holy moly, the past few weeks i have been busy with... literally nothing. same stuff, different day with just no real desire to get on my computer. but i'm finally back. and along with my reapparance, the SUN is returning as well!! the past few days have been absolutely gorgeous and will be hanging around for a while. i'm only slightly bummed that it seems spring will not actually be springing. looks like we are going straight to summer weather. 

last friday, i had one of the greatest ideas i have ever had. i invited some girlfriends over and we had a thrift party!! we all brought a bag of clothes, shoes and jewelry that we didn't want anymore. like the old saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" there were plenty of tops and dresses that i couldn't wait to get my hands on. we each drew a number, went in order and picked an item each until they were all gone. we decided this will absolutely be a seasonal party idea!!

the rest of this week will be dedicated to being outside as much as possible, working plenty and potting plants for our front stoop. happy spring Summer!! 


Posted on: 2.08.2012

it took about 3 weeks to get the place organized and up to my OCD standards, but i couldn't be more proud of how it turned out. it's enormous, yet just the right amount of space. here's a few pics of the place!
 the green couches are from home reserve which was the best site i could have found in my last apartment. i had a tricky stairway that no couch could travel up, so this site that offers buildable couches was practically my only option. they come in 3 boxes; stuffing, wood, and fabric and you literally build the couches yourself. i love them. so durable and they were dirt cheap.
 the couch was a splurge that we made but i'm glad we did. it totally brightens up the room and is beyond comfy. and all three pieces split apart so in time, it can be rearranged should i choose. winning! the wood piece on the ottoman was $2 in the "as is" section at Ikea and has worked out perfectly to sub in as a coffee table and the basket is from Target. 
 i'm so obsessed with these high ceilings... 
 this pig is the ugliest thing i have ever layed eyes on but when I saw it for $2 at a thrift store, i had to have him! he's solid metal, heavy as hell and covered in shiny metallic paint. the little suitcase was used to hold old rollerskates back in the day and was $15 at an antique store
 a glass jar filled with old and random matchboxes from different restaurants and hotels 

 these glass candle holders are from CB2 and were a steal. I bought them a year ago not knowing what they would be used for and i love them over the dining room table. plus, they look gorgeous with tea lights hanging over the table. fishing line is amazing! 

 this hideous dresser was given to us as a "house warming gift" i think he was just trying to get rid of it.. but i'm kind of growing fond of it. and the gumball machine has been with me since i was a baby. that thing will probably be with me forever.
 i'm trying so hard to build us up a decent wet bar. i got this cart from Ikea years ago and still love it. and the brown tray was from Pier 1. it's a work in progess! 
 that chest is another obsession piece of mine. a guy on craigslist sold it to me for FORTY dollars 2 years ago and it's my favorite decor piece that i own. i pray he will soon find a tv stand for his monster television so that my trunk can breath again.. hopefully at the foot of our bed :) 
ps get a load of that exposed brick. Gah!
 i got this map when we went to Yellowsprings, Ohio. it was in an old bookstore and was a brochure of all the haunted places in Ohio. I loved it, unfolded it and had it framed... for a couple hundred dollars. Gulp. But, even though it cost me a little bit, I love it and think it's really different and unique.

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