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Posted on: 5.04.2016

i choose to believe that OUTKAST wrote that song as a mothers day tribute, don't you? anyway, the day to celebrate the mama's/moms/madres is creeping up and i'm excited to spend some much needed quality time with mine. i was miraculously able to get off of work this coming saturday and we are going to see Cirque Du Soleil and i'm totally geeking out about it! i've been lucky to be blessed with a mama that never really cared much about things. she would rather her kids all be under her roof for the night playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking wine. BUT! for all those moms out there that want more than just a card and a hug, here's a few quick and easy (and wallet friendly) gift ideas out there!!

HOUSE SHOES  are a great idea and can last for years, if you wanna couch up the cash for a slightly nicer pair. on hard wood floors these are a godsend!

my mom and i disagree on a lot of things, but our appreciation for red wine is not one of them. this bottle is one of MY FAVORITE RED WINE  options out there right now and it's only about $12 a bottle! cheers to that, right?

i've offered them up before and i can never say enough good things about GREEN BEAN DELIVERY MEMBERSHIP ideas for gifts. they deliver fresh food right to your door and it's all local goods! Plus, for all new members, they are offering up $15 OFF FOR NEW MEMBERS!! that's like… a freaking steal, you guys. when you sign up just use the coupon code "LOVEJAMIE" at checkout. yum!

a big fat ASPEN BAY CANDLE  will always say i love you. i used to only see these candles at higher end stores but now they're starting to pop up everywhere. they burn clean, smell amazing, and are only around $20

one of my girlfriends bought me an ENGRAVED NECKLACE for christmas like 3 years ago and i still wear that baby almost daily. how cute would "MOM" or "MOTHER" be? you can find them on etsy for about $20.

so there's just a few ideas for ya! if your mom is anything like mine, a simple hug and nice attitude will go a long way in letting her know how much you love her, but hey- a bottle of wine and some grocery deliveries can't hurt, am i right?

love you mama!


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