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WEBN fireworks and HERE COME HERE

Posted on: 9.13.2015

last sunday, i realized that my tastes in hobbies is changing with a quickness and it's the weirdest reality check. there was once a day that i would actually google festivals around the area because of how much i loved them. i was excited to eat anything that was deep fried onto a stick and battling other cars in a grassy impromptu parking field never bothered me. but, i guess i'm getting older and my tastes are changing. this past labor day weekend was the annual fireworks down on the river and it took a quick phone call from my dad to have a plan. i get my love for festivals from him, as my mom was never much for big crowds or fair food. so i met him down on the river, paid my $20 parking and we had a great day filled with overly priced bottles of soda and ice cream. 

it was a little too crowded for my tastes and you guys it couldn't have been any hotter. we're talking sweat marks down my back and hair sticking to my face. it was an actual nightmare. BUT! we survived. 
so after laps around the festival watching every type of person that exists, we made our way back to the stage. it was a rare treat to see, but my cousin's band HERE COME HERE actually headlined for the fireworks show. that's actually a pretty big damn deal. so all of our family gathered around the stage and we watched proudly as they performed. it was cute to look over and watch his mom and dad dance around and recite every word right along with the band. they were super proud and so were we! good job, bryce! in fact, interview coming soon i'm thinking!
and no firework show post would be complete without a few grainy low quality iPhone photos of the fireworks show. 


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