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Down on the farm

Posted on: 8.29.2015

^ dinner from a drive thru on our way to the farm. bronson wasn't mad. 

a few days back, it seemed like a good idea to get the hell out of the city and play in the hay (again. what is it with me and being in the woods lately?? it's bananas!) a friend that used to manage a big city restaurant downtown decided to change lanes in a drastic way and bought the most beautiful home and we drove out to see it. he went from a condo in the city to getting a 130 (ish) acre horse farm complete with creeks, barns and what feels like miles of corn rows. pulling up to the house your jaw kind of drops looking around all of the open grass and the freshest air. and wouldnt you believe it, i didn't hear one police siren while we were there? i't was the coolest thing to hear him talk about how he's so happy he's made this life change and how he and his wife now get to work with their hands and make things for themselves. we took the four wheelers out to the creek and let bronson run around and swim (that little dude is getting pretty comfy in the water these days) and then built a huge bon fire and crushed about 37 marshmallows. 

i've lived down closer to the city for most of my adult life, but there's always something so peaceful and nostalgic about being out in the county. i was raised surrounded by corn fields and being stuck behind tractors on my way to school. so being out in the county and smelling all of those familiar scents from when i was kid (the smell of a garage, you guys. like a REAL, greasy, dirty, oily barn. it's something that dreams are made of. oh, and bug spray from a can. the unscented kind. ooooh those smells. heart eyes for days) i can't see myself leaving the city any time soon. it's home. and sleeping with no sirens or cars blaring out of my bedroom window gives me a little bit of anxiety, but i can absolutely see the appeal of that type of life. bugs chirping and seeing the stars and knowing the work around your home is never done because chickens, goats, horses and sheep are hard work. but it's work for yourself. not for someone else. i don't know, there's just something beautiful about the whole thing. you can tell i had a good time while there because i think i only took maybe 10 pics, so here's a few. 
i should have mentioned before. while riding on the four wheelers, we passed by the back of the barn and holy molyyyyy whoever had the property before my friend did LEFT AN AIRSTREAM here. you guys. how beautiful is she? he even let me open the door and walk around the inside of her. i did a little bit and she made my entire day. 
this little man fetched for sticks in the water until the deepens was too much for him and it went over his head and then he said F this and ran out. but look at that little tail haha. 
the perfect marshmallows to wrap up a day at the farm. as i write this post, i can hear kids screaming and playing outside and my neighbors upstairs are either learning to tap dance or move furniture. my living room will never actually be dark because the street lights are always on. my coffee shop is a block up the rode and sometimes i hear gun shots. but this city is home and as long as i can toast marshmallows over my apartment's oven, i'll be fine! 


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