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Summer Plannin'

Posted on: 5.18.2015

As much as I'm looking forward to summer, there's always a part of me that gets anxious about it. like if i'm not out living some crazy wild experience, i'm wasting my summer days and nights. A summer holds a lot to live up to. Like a birthday. I hate birthdays. every birthday, everyone says "so what do you have planned??!" with more excitement in their voice than necessary. I mean hell, i don't know. it's a birthday. unless you're a Kardashian and renting a yacht, every birthday is the same. Same goes for summers. I go into every June with high hopes and with plenty of things i want to do and see and EAT! Then comes September and I always shrug to myself and say maybe next year. You west coasters don't know how lucky you are with your endless summers and limitless activities! i sound so negative. i need a nap.  

A few years back, I made a summer bucket list and I think it helps me keep track! I lost my license a few months back, a not so funny story about a dumb night and a dumb girl and 2 shots of whiskey. But with a lesson learned and a license reinstated, this summer will have no boundaries. i plan to take full advantage of the fact that i work 3 days a week, have no kids and a taste for adventure. 

So, Here's a few of the places and things and hopes for the Warmer summer months that i plan to experience:
1. Red River Gorge. Blame it on my trip to MOAB but I want to try and hike a bit this summer. It's strenuous but always worth it when you get to the top of the mountain. There's a life lesson in there someone.  
2. Springboro Flea Market. i've heard she's a big one and is filled with plenty of goodies for the treasure hunter in anyone to find. 
3. all the flea markets, actually. they're my favorite part of summer and i'm ready to get the ball rolling. a huge plastic cup filled with diet coke in one hand a set of deer antlers in the other. that's the dream people!
 4. Yellow Springs, Ohio. it's one of the coolest towns I've visited in ohio. it reminds me of where i live in northside and maybe that's why it pulls at my heart strings. plenty of fun restaurants, beautiful trails and all the hippie shops you could want.
5. The City Flea i worked for the flea market last year and it was a blast, but i'm excited to just be a patron again this year. so much good food, jewelry, vintage items, clothes. i give myself a cash limit every time and it's monthly so i plan on hitting it up a few times.
 6. Kings Island. growing up, this amusement park was a built in babysitter. one more would drop us off and another mom would pick us up and we would stay all day long. as an adult, i still love a good roller coaster but one afternoon is enough for me. oh, and the blue ice cream. i HAVE to buy a blue ice cream. 
7. Movie Date night it's at washington park right in the middle of OTR. i went once last year to see Jumanji and it's a good time. we brought blankets and gummy worms and they sell alcohol there -fist bump for the booze! if you ever go, get there early to get a good spot on the lawn.
8. Reds Game I don't know about other towns, but cincinnati runs on their baseball pride. i only know enough about the sport to go a few times a summer, but the games are a blast. there's nothing like a baseball park hot dog. plus, it's an excuse to break out the red lipstick!
9. Findlay market. i feel like the winter time is when i eat my worst. most of my meals come out of a styrofoam box. but come summer time, give me all the fresh fruits and veggies. it's grill season, baby!
10.  i'm dedicating number 10 to lazy pool hangs, drive in movies, camping and a few road trips sprinkled in there for good measure. 

it's gonna be a good summer, kids! 


  1. From a country girl, just wanted to say enjoying your blog!

  2. I have the same thing about summer... you wait and wait for it to come, and all of a sudden it's over and you've just frittered the time away. Got to be intentional sometimes, especially when there's so much fun waiting out there. Your list makes me a leetle sad though as I want to do all of these Cincinnati things too but only have until mid-June! We never made it to King's Island yet. And Findlay Market only once. Luckily my new town has an amazing farmer's market, plus the BEACH, so I can develop a good list for post-move too :)


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