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Lena & Veda's Shower

Posted on: 3.15.2015

i hope everyone out there is having as bad ass of a weekend as i am! the weather is finally starting to be not so terrible and i've had my apartment windows open for the past few days to let the stale winter air out out out. fresh air, you are amazing. i mean, one can only handle so much cardamom scented candle in her life. it's been a busy week of photo shoots, new goodies up in the shop and seeing plenty of girlfriends but yesterday totally took the cake. one of my best friend's had her baby shower!  you may remember my lovely lena from our girl's trip to the bahamas a while back, 8 months ago roughly! well, it turns out that she wasn't just tired on that trip from time changes and too much sun exposure; she was actually a few weeks into making a human. yes, the day we got back from our trip she found out that she was gonna have a little beeb and i may have cried when i read the text. it's hard to get a lot of emotion out of that girl, but i know she's gonna be the best mama and her girl (Veda) will be cooler than anyone else i know. 

Lena's mom threw the most beautiful shower i have ever been to and every detail was perfect. that woman deserves a metal or at least some special recognition here. Michelle, you couldn't have pulled off a better shower if you tried! While the shower was beautiful with a full spread of donuts and mimosas, the biggest treat of all was that Stef, lady number 3 from our bahamas trip, flew out to Cincinnati all the way from LA just to surprise Lena for her shower. It was one of the biggest secrets i've ever kept but it was awesome to see Lena's face when Stef walked in the door. I took a few photos from the day, but mostly just wanted to make a video for lena and veda so i hope you enjoy! 
have a great rest of your weekend! 


  1. Thank you for your kind words and more importantly thank you for being a great friend to my girl. I love that Veda will be surrounded by strong minded loving women.


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