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A little beauty post: Younique Mascara

Posted on: 11.10.2014

when it comes to my beauty routine, i like two things: Cheap and Easy. I worked in a beauty salon for years and used to always have access to high end products daily and I loved them. but at the end of the day, or when money became a little bit tighter, i realized that those products went right down the drain. no, like literally, you wash it off and it goes down the drain and i just couldn't justify spending money on products that don't do their job or that weren't worth their money anymore. 

So when it comes to makeup, I like to find a product that works, works well,  and is affordable. I think most of us girls have a makeup product that HAS to go on every morning. like, without it, you just feel weeeeird. I call it my deserted island product (my DIP!) So at 20 years old, my DIP would have been my eyeliner, but now that I've matured to the ripe old age of 26 (haha!) I have a love affair with mascara. It brightens my eyes up just enough and gives an effortless look that can get me thru the day without looking sick and tired and tired and sick. So when I was approached by Younique to try out their mascara, I was happy to give it a whirl. in my opinion, mascara is like pizza and even bad mascara is better than no mascara at all. So I'm happy to report that this mascara is the bees knees, what dreams are made of, is absolutely perfect, what i've been looking for in all my years, etc. etc. etc. Since wearing it, I've had people come up to me and ask what I use, ask if I'm wearing false lashes and all kinds of other questions.

This is my quick post just to show you the difference this mascara makes and how to use it:: 
the fake Step 1. take a good, hard look in the mirror and accept that it's not your fault that your lashes suck and don't really get the job done. your parents tried and it's not their fault, either, that your lashes are lacking. 

i'm kidding, hopefully obviously. ok the real STEP 1 is apply a layer of your current mascara. whatever you already use, and treat it as a base coat. allow it to dry. 
Step 2: apply a layer of the Transplanting Gel to one eye. 
It's easier to work with one eye at a time, rather than back and forth.
at this point, good grief you can already see a difference, am i right? 
 Step 3: While the transplanting gel is still wet, quickly apply the fiber lash brush to your lashes. 
I find it is easier to unscrew both mascara tubes before starting 
 that way you can easily switch from one to the other. 
And that's it, you guys! 
 Repeat those steps on the second eye and wait for the compliments to roll in. 
you can read more about their products over on their younique website, but you guys have got to check out this all natural, safe and amazing product. i've never seen mascara work like this! thanks again, Younique! 


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