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Posted on: 9.02.2013

so it all started when i found these little copper canisters at the thrift store for a quarter each. 
they were each black and dirty and with a little copper cleaner, they are now being buried with me. aren't they cute?? 
and after that stroke of good luck, i found succulents that were on sale for about $2 each at the market. sooo, you see where we are going with this. i love succulents. they are sooo low maintenance, they don't shed leaves and petals when they are starting to die and they are sooo cute, right?? 
so i took 40 minutes out of my day yesterday and potted them up! here's what i did, with photos to guide you. duh. 
1. line the bottom of each container with rocks, just a single layer is good! 
2. add a little bit of soil to each container
3. remove your plants from their plastic containers and put them in your new containers
4. once your plant is in the new container, fill the sides with soil so you fill the container to the top. 
easy cheesy! 


  1. these are adorable, love the copper containers! succulents are about the only thing i can keep alive too!

    1. Apparently I have an even "darker than black" thumb... What the heck is darker than black??? Aka, I've already had a leaf fall off of one! Ahh!

  2. these look so sweet!! i've been seeing succulents on lots of blogs recently & now I want in on the action toooo!


    1. They are dangerously cheap and easy!! And I think I'll be making plenty more!


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