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Posted on: 1.27.2013

does anyone else feel the extreme pressure when it comes to celebrating their birthday? it's very similar to new years eve, like it's suppose to be this night full of confetti and fireworks and hundreds of best friends in a VIP table at a nightclub. i'm getting anxiety just thinking about it. 

this year, when my best friends asked what i wanted to do for my birthday, i told them i want us to stay in, make dinner and just hang out with each other. they were reluctant at first (my girls like to party...hard) but they were eventually worn down. we made tacos and cupcakes together, played "the game of things" (so fun) and watched American Horror Story. No one wanted their photos taken, so this is mainly an entry full of food. and i wanted to take a photo this morning of the wreckage but my darling friends all woke up before me this morning and cleaned everything up. god bless them. and someone left an amazing fleece blanket that i might be holding on to forever. happy birthday to me (early, my real birthday is the 31st) !!


  1. looked like a successful birthday night-in! i love the idea of using a chalkboard as a score card, not sure why i never thought of it!
    and the game of things is hilarrrrious! thanks for reminding me that i need to add it to my arsenal of games!

    happy (almost!) birthday-
    hope school isn't too terrible!!!

  2. I love that game!! For some reason with my friends poop always ends up being an answer every round. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! late. but still HB! I love tacos - it is always my meal of choice for my bday


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