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our christmas eve itinerary

Posted on: 12.24.2012

today, our schedule is as follows:
11am: sell our workout equipment to a craigslist dude 
11:15am: get winded lifting weights into dude's truck
11:20am: rethink my health & wonder if we should have held on to that stuff
11:30am: count the cash, and move on 
12pm: brave the grocery store for "peppermint bark" and "skyline dip" supplies
12:15-12:40pm: stand in line at grocery store
1pm: melt chocolate chips & destroy candy canes in our blender
1:30pm: finish peppermint bark, start dip. 
2pm: finish everything and blog about it
2:30pm: get pretty, cuz it's family time!
4pm: be at my mom's 
6pm: be at Jon's mom's
8pm: be back at my mom's (yes, you read that correctly) eat everything & watch A Christmas Story until i can quote the whole thing.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 
may your day be as chaotic as ours!
ps how to make the skyline dip:
3 ingredients needed, 4 if you count the chips

 spread 2 packs of cream cheese in bottom of cake pan
pour 2 cans of skyline chili evenly over cream cheese
sprinkle as much shredded cheddar as your arteries can handle
bake for 5 minutes until cheese melts
eat with tortilla chips
thank me later. 


  1. haha. nowhere near as chaotic! have a great one; looking forward to the lovely pictures i'm sure you'll post later. :]

  2. Merry Christmas!

    Enjoy A Christmas Story :)


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