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i'm dating a family that hates to be photographed...

Posted on: 12.25.2012

today is christmas and i am exhausted. last night we celebrated christmas at both of our mama's. eating two sets of dinners, opening two sets of gifts and snapping two sets of photos. we went to jon's mom's house and got to play the white elephant game, which always cracks me up. my mom and jon's sister are both the "leaders" when it comes to the game. taking charge, telling the rules, etc. every house needs a leader because i've learned that every single family in the world plays this game a little differently than the next family. i got my own gift (i know, i'm awful!) and jon got some new towels. we are SUCH grown ups now! towels!? i love it. we then played the weirdest board game i have ever seen in my life. at one point, i had to impersonate an angry gnome, jon's mom had to wear a kitchen strainer on her head, and jon's brother wasn't allowed to use his arms the entire game! always a good time with the floyd bunch. here's just a few pictures i got last night and get a load of the puppy! that's Castle and he's the size of my car...


  1. Haha that game sounds ridiculous! but a lot of fun. I'm now trying to figure out how an angry gnome would act


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