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Posted on: 3.19.2012

holy moly, the past few weeks i have been busy with... literally nothing. same stuff, different day with just no real desire to get on my computer. but i'm finally back. and along with my reapparance, the SUN is returning as well!! the past few days have been absolutely gorgeous and will be hanging around for a while. i'm only slightly bummed that it seems spring will not actually be springing. looks like we are going straight to summer weather. 

last friday, i had one of the greatest ideas i have ever had. i invited some girlfriends over and we had a thrift party!! we all brought a bag of clothes, shoes and jewelry that we didn't want anymore. like the old saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" there were plenty of tops and dresses that i couldn't wait to get my hands on. we each drew a number, went in order and picked an item each until they were all gone. we decided this will absolutely be a seasonal party idea!!

the rest of this week will be dedicated to being outside as much as possible, working plenty and potting plants for our front stoop. happy spring Summer!! 


  1. I want to have a clothing swap party soooo bad! I see stuff in your photos that I would snatch up!

    1. oh it was really fun! shopping for free? absolutely!


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