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Posted on: 3.22.2012

i think it's for the best that the front of this apartment (drab, plain, bare and sad) doesn't match the inside (awesome, bright, fun & inviting) the last thing you want someone to think is that you have nice expensive things in your home that they should feel welcomed to! but, even with that said, i couldn't handle the thought of having no plants outside during the spring time! i love this entire street of houses. it reminds me of a sesame street of 2012 and it's so adorable!! i decided it would be fun to spray paint my own clay pots and pot some plants myself and i'm pretty proud of how they turned out!! 
i first primed each pot and waited about 20 minutes so they could dry. i sprayed each pot with a different color and let them sit over night (there was a spray paint cloud over our living room) i was so excited to get up this morning and get the pots outside... and also already received 2 neighborhood compliments! 


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