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Posted on: 2.08.2012

it took about 3 weeks to get the place organized and up to my OCD standards, but i couldn't be more proud of how it turned out. it's enormous, yet just the right amount of space. here's a few pics of the place!
 the green couches are from home reserve which was the best site i could have found in my last apartment. i had a tricky stairway that no couch could travel up, so this site that offers buildable couches was practically my only option. they come in 3 boxes; stuffing, wood, and fabric and you literally build the couches yourself. i love them. so durable and they were dirt cheap.
 the couch was a splurge that we made but i'm glad we did. it totally brightens up the room and is beyond comfy. and all three pieces split apart so in time, it can be rearranged should i choose. winning! the wood piece on the ottoman was $2 in the "as is" section at Ikea and has worked out perfectly to sub in as a coffee table and the basket is from Target. 
 i'm so obsessed with these high ceilings... 
 this pig is the ugliest thing i have ever layed eyes on but when I saw it for $2 at a thrift store, i had to have him! he's solid metal, heavy as hell and covered in shiny metallic paint. the little suitcase was used to hold old rollerskates back in the day and was $15 at an antique store
 a glass jar filled with old and random matchboxes from different restaurants and hotels 

 these glass candle holders are from CB2 and were a steal. I bought them a year ago not knowing what they would be used for and i love them over the dining room table. plus, they look gorgeous with tea lights hanging over the table. fishing line is amazing! 

 this hideous dresser was given to us as a "house warming gift" i think he was just trying to get rid of it.. but i'm kind of growing fond of it. and the gumball machine has been with me since i was a baby. that thing will probably be with me forever.
 i'm trying so hard to build us up a decent wet bar. i got this cart from Ikea years ago and still love it. and the brown tray was from Pier 1. it's a work in progess! 
 that chest is another obsession piece of mine. a guy on craigslist sold it to me for FORTY dollars 2 years ago and it's my favorite decor piece that i own. i pray he will soon find a tv stand for his monster television so that my trunk can breath again.. hopefully at the foot of our bed :) 
ps get a load of that exposed brick. Gah!
 i got this map when we went to Yellowsprings, Ohio. it was in an old bookstore and was a brochure of all the haunted places in Ohio. I loved it, unfolded it and had it framed... for a couple hundred dollars. Gulp. But, even though it cost me a little bit, I love it and think it's really different and unique.


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