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a day trip to rabbit hash!

Posted on: 8.17.2011

this past thursday we decided to take a day trip to a small town in Kentucky called "rabbit hash" my friends told me about it and its unique character and I was so excited to experience it. It's not even a city block long, has no restaurants or houses and has a dog as mayor! (seriously) but the people that live here are absolutely genius'. They convey this small hillbilly town and people come here from miles around to experience what their friends have told them. They then purchase a $25 rabbit hash t shirt, a $10 rabbit hash shot glass and a bottle of "mayors finest" wine. These people make a fortune off the general public just having an interest in their town's day to day routine. We picked one of the nicest days so far this summer with a breeze and bearable heat. It was so perfect out... and thank god. My poor car still doesn't have air but luckily it was a "windows open" kind of day. 
the whole town was set back in the early 1900's with such a laid back vibe. i heard jack johnson playing in my head the entire time; something care free and a slow melody.  i walked in to the antique store and fell in love with everything i saw. antiques hold such a special place in my heart. it's locking on to someone else's memory and making it your own and keeping its life going on. it's not thrown away, it's not destroyed. it lives on! the amount of money that people will spend on antiques sometimes boggles my mind. but that's the point; to the buyer, it's worth it. 


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