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baby jace at the fair!

Posted on: 8.04.2011

last week, I went to the county fair with my 2 year old godson and his mama. fairs in my opinion are like a good thrift store or church bingo. just hillbilly enough to enjoy and not care if your hair becomes a frizzy mess or if you spill ketchup down your shirt. it all reminds of some Tim McGraw Song song. Rides that I would never actually trust riding, food that's not for the diet conscious, and people watching that could make you lose track of time for days. I eat it all up.  You could get anything deep fried and covered in powdered sugar .. or spend $27 in tickets for a stuffed animal. What more could you ask for?? It was one of the hottest days so far this summer, and i couldn't help but feel so sorry for all of the animals panting in their cages. Kids in 4H programs sat proudly by their animals while fans blew around the barn. Poor things! Jace actually did pretty well for the heat and it didn't hurt that we gave him a water bottle to go crazy with. Needless to say, he was wearing more water than drinking.
in other news...
a friend of mine is teaching me the wild and wonderful world of frisbee golf! this will be as sporty as jamie dawn gets. now, from an outsiders perspective this looks like an easy past time. I mean, frisbees are pretty and fun bright colors and there's only so many different ways to throw and hold it. But good grief, you would be surprised. In my opinion, what makes it so hard to play is that there is no way to fake it! You have to actually throw it hard and you have to actually aim. It's such a simple concept that you have no excuse to not make at least a few at par. (par being the expected number of throws it should take to make a basket) but i love it. It's nice being outside,  it's a little bit of exercise ... for your arm? and it's not so high endurance that you can't talk to each other while playing. tho he takes it very seriously and knows his stuff, he's a good teacher and doesn't make me feel like an idiot. maybe i'll be able to teach someone someday! and FYI you don't necessarily throw a frisbee with your dominate hand. I'm left handed and looked like a hot mess trying to throw a frisbee. So I switched to my right arm and it made a world of difference! we went yesterday and it was gorgeous out thank god! and the park that we went to was right near an airport that was doing skydiving and hot air balloons which made it exceptionally difficult to focus on the goal at hand! but at least now i know where to go to get "sky diving" crossed off my bucket list!


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